• I'm a licensed real estate broker in NE Florida with more than a decade of experience, I've sold foreclosures for Ocwen and others, I have a HUD Key, I'm HUD approved but have no idea how to get on the magic carpet ride for HUD listings. Can anyone tell me how to get HUD listings? 

    • The AM award is not out in my region yet 7A.. Be on the look out and submit your packages..

      • how do you know who to submit packages to if the award isn't out yet?


  • Jeff Hagel --HUD 3.8 --1D — LIBERTY


    4D — BLM

    5D — BLM


    3P — BLM


    • Any info on region 2P?

    • Thank you so much!! Its great to be able to get help like we do on this website

  • I was wondering if anyone heard anything more about new HUD contract in 2015? 

  • The new region in my area (GA) is now 7A and they are going back to one vendor. 

    • Nikki,  Have they announced who the one vendor will be?  Everyone seems to be hush hush about this whole thing!

      • There are certain areas up for new vendor proposals.  The last that I saw the deadline for interested vendors to submit their proposals was 9-2-14 with vendors selected sometime in September but this may have been extended (they usually are).  You can get all of the scoop by going to  Once there click on search opportunities then use key words "asset manager" and enter department of housing and urban development in the agency.  One of the opportunities that comes up is M&M 3.7 (I think it is 3.7 but you will see it).  This has all of the information on the areas that are up for new vendors, dates that contracts will be awarded, etc.  This is open to the public and you do not have to have a login to get this information.

        Hope this helps.

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