Is PCV Murcor a slow pay?

I did BPO's for them in the past but none in the last year or two.  They recently requested an update of my license & E&O and began requesting BPO's but I haven't been paid for any and some are sixty days out.  I am owed about $500, which is my cutoff.  I was wondering if they are a slow pay.

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  • The sent me an EFT so I guess I will start accepting orders.

  • Thx, I am currently rejecting their offers until I get paid.  I cut them all off at $500 until they show a willingness to pay in a reasonable time.

  • The last one I did for them was 30 days to pay back in August. Just did a couple more last month. It has been 20 days and not check, but don't expect it until next 2 weeks.

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