Last night I received a call from a woman that represented herself as a FANNIE MAE direct asset manager with the purpose of recruiting a broker to help sell FANNIE MAE assets in my area of expertise. She advised me that she got my information from an "ON LINE Application" I had submitted. We went through the commission structure and the unusual way of document and communication submissions. The kicker was " The broker had to front $500.00 as a property preservation deposit that would be refunded after 150 days" That money had to be paid at the time of the conversation with a credit or debit card. This scenario did no sound right to me so I paused. My questions to the group are: Does FANNIE MAE require a property preservation deposit from the Asset Manager or Broker for their properties? Is this a scam? Who do you report this to.

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  • Fannie Mae does not require a "preservation deposit". You should report this to 1-800-2FANNIE or go to the Homepath website, contact us section and send a message. 

  • no stay away from this

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