I'm going to be ordering the BPO Automation software/ Auto Accept for BPO'S . And will be getting the Auto Fill in for BPO Forms. But wanted to check with anyone who may already be using this program and if you could share your experience. Some weeks I'm doing over 20 BPO's a week and the Auto Fill In would come in handy and would really cut down on the time it takes to pull all those comps, and upload pic's. I know some agents that are RAVING about this system and are completing BPO's in less than 20 mintues with the BPO Auto Fill in Software. Please share!!

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  • So it seems there are many different opinions to using this software. Do the pros outway the cons?
    • Many of the banks are beginning to recognize the auto acceptance programs and are cancelling those that use it. M2M have done a great job in some area. I expect to see an even playing field in the upcoming months.

      Don't risk your reputation, it is not worth it. Display your skills, experience,and commitment in the results of your honesting in obtaining the work and QC free results.
  • I started using the automated acceptance software not thinking much of it. Just excited to be able to get some business. I had about 6 come in when I came across a forum talking about it and how the companies frown on it. A bunch of agents using the software have been cut from specific companies lists. I very quickly stopped using the software. Then when I spoke with my area rep at M2M about it she confirmed it. They aren't too happy about the software and they let those agents know it too. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also - I started it not realizing my bpo assignments would start pouring in and I really didn't want to take more on than I had but the system had already accepted them.
  • I've spoken to M2m on numerous occasions and pointed out that an automated acceptance software system accepted a bpo 200 miles away from the subject property because the order had the wrong zip code and was within our local 3 county MLS Database.. They checked it out and told me I was right.. Don't know what they did about it but the Support Person was P.O'd and said they'd warn the offender.....

    As for M2M's blast process... I hate it.. it forces me to sit at my computer and click constantly to see if there are any orders pending.. They do have a preferred vendor status but it's tough to knock the preferred person out as they get 8 hours to accept or decline in most markets. In my area I have agents doing bpo's and listing REO's from 150 miles away.. thanks to the combined MLS databases....it's a nightmare to get accurate data or comprehensible information from these REO mills.. & 90% of my BPO work now is challenges to the original appraisal or previous highly suspect bpo..

    Luckily, last nite I was up late working on some BPO's and 20 new M2M orders came through... I managed to catch 5.....at M2M's NEW LOWER PRICE of $45.00..

    Have any of you experienced this price drop in the past week in your areas????

    Just a heads up!
    • Guess what, I'm starting to see $35 per BPOs, and this is from one of the larger REO/BPO company. I guess they have realized that many agents will fight to get these BPOs regardless of the prices.

      I still prepare the BPOs manually (instead of using auto-fill) because I review each comp thoroughly to ensure it is the most suitable one for the subject property.
    • I have noticed that some of the M2M orders are $45. I won't take them because there forms are very detailed and can take too long for $45
      • Michelle, check out (www.nicoleocean.com). You need to buy her ebook on automation and train yourself how to use iMacros BPO Automation Software (http://www.bpo-automation.com/index.html). I believe the total cost to complete the setup for automation is about $1000. There's also BPO5000 which they charge a monthly subscription.
      • I've really noticed the prices dropping alot on the orders that are put out there for everyone, and accepting one is next to impossible. I prefer working with the companies that assign them directly, they also tend to pay much better.
      • The M2M $$ varies from region to region and the forms are based on the clients they services. I have filled in forms from many areas and they all seem very quick and easy. It typically takes me 10 -20 minutes to fill out the subject mls/tax info, stats, upload photos if applicable, and the comp details including the comments. The broker/agent does the rest.
      • They told me that they got a new client that is giving them more orders and to get that deal they have to lower the price, but I still get some at $50 and $75 once in a while.
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