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2011 was a busy year. I closed the highest number of transactions last year than any other YTD in my 7 years in the REO business. I hope 2012 is even better.


The problem with high volume, however, is the logistics of the business. My biggest issue is invoices. From cash for keys, utilities, contractor repairs, lawn service...they get expensive and pile up fast. It can sometimes take me a full day to submit invoices for reimbursement, which obviously takes me away from the task that pays...selling.


Does anyone else feel my pain or have a solution?

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  • Nick, 

    Glad to hear you had such a great year, I definitely think you are in the minority there. My business dropped over 60%. REO's have dried up in my area. As far as your invoicing issue, I recommend looking into a good VA. That's what I was using for the last 5 years, unfortunately I had to let her go this year. Due your due diligence and find one that specializes in what ever it is you need them to do. Best of luck. 

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