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Has anyone ecountered this bpo service. I did a BPO for them, in which they contacted me thru some of the website I have listed. They did nothing but give me the run around, and now they do not want to pay. As far as I am concerned, I will not do anymore BPO services for them.


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  • I did plenty of orders for them and always got paid. They only pay $42 now and want orders completed in less than 24 hours. 

    • good grief, Richard, I hope you don't do those kind of orders! How dare these companies pay a paltry sum with deadlines that they, themselves, rarely honor. The one that really amuses me with its arrogance is Equi-Trax - not only do they pay a piddling $42 for a rapid turnaround BUT they also threaten to lower the payment if they have to QC you for some reason. El Pueblo Unido, folks - if we all stand together we may incite change for the better!

      • No, I don't do them no more unless its around the corner. They used to pay 60 and 2-3 day turnaround.
  • Yep.  Don't waste your time.  They sent me a retrospective review appraisal, and asked for a rush.  I went out and inspected the property the same day and completed much of the appraisal.  But hours later, I get an email canceling the appraisal.  It happens, so I just billed them for a trip charge...25% of the fee even though most of the work was completed.
    Needless to say, it hasn't been paid and I got a SNOTTY email today stating, "At the time of the cancellation, notice was emailed to you informing you of the reason for the cancellation and that no payment would be remitted."
    They are a "management company" and charging a TON more than they pay.  And they STILL don't want to pay for their screwup.
    • Thanks Alina for the post and the heads up and Thanks also t Richard for sharing your experiences .  I just got an email from them asking me to send in my E&O dec page and what prices I would like to get for BPO int and ext and occupancy and etc.  There was also a link to their website which told very little about them and looked .unimpressive.  I decided to pass. since their are only negatives about them.

  • Never heard of them, thanks for the heads up though! Good luck getting your payment!
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