REOPro Default Professionals ( has partnered with a 3rd party lead generation company that is headed up by a political super star of T.V., Radio and Internet.

In 2014 he created a real estate referral network of philosophically like minded real estate agents all over America. He uses his T.V., Radio and Internet assets to offer his fans the chance to work with like minded locally endorsed agents. His fan base is approximately 35 million Americans monthly.
He offers agents a true referral, no buying zip codes, no buying advertising, no buying training, no required certifications, no monthly fee, no one time subscription fee.....just referral fee of 28%, upon closing....that's all.

He realized there is a growing appetite for doing business with like minded people, especially if it concerns the financial well being of his audience. As an Area Manager for his network, I am looking for real estate professionals who understand his audience and are like minded. I am looking for agents who strive to do the right thing in their business dealings.

Not only am I an Area Manger, I also work my local leads here in Nashville Tn. Since May, I have had 14 leads and 13 of them converted and are doing business with me. It’s important to understand, these aren’t leads from some random site, these are fans of his and are loyal to do business with his locally endorsed agent. They are logging online, filling out a form with purpose and are loyal so, high conversion rates are expected.

If interested in joining, please contact me directly 615-424-0961 for a phone interview.
Right now, I have leads in the following areas that I currently need an agent for….

        Seller Lead: zip code – 36360
        Seller / Buyer Lead: zip code – 35206
        Seller Lead: zip code – 35405
        Seller / Buyer Lead: zip code – 35054
        Seller Lead: zip code - 35565
    Seller / Buyer Lead: zip code – 41049
    Seller / Buyer Lead: zip code – 41101
    Seller Lead: zip code - 41139
Tennessee Zip Code:
    Seller Lead: zip code – 37058
    Seller Lead: zip code – 38351
    Seller Lead: zip code – 38330
    Seller Lead: zip code - 38330
    Seller Lead: zip code – 38357
    Seller Lead: zip code – 37757
    Seller Lead: zip code – 37854
    Seller Lead: zip code – 38564
    Seller Lead: zip code – 38057
    Seller Lead: zip code – 38573
    Seller / Buyer Lead: zip code – 38462
    Seller Lead: zip code - 37327

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    • If you have leads in New York City, 10017, or Queens County, 11379, 11373, etc. let me know.  I am a Licensed Realtor from New York and I would love to help you.  Thanks.

      Celine Crotty

  • Florida west palm and  Miami.. I'll be happy to take them 

    • me too how are you 

      i live in north palm beach and you?

       happy sunday


  • Hi Jesse, I would be delighted to accept any referral for Texas in Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Chambers Counties.  Please keep us posted.  Thanks.

  • Any Leads for New York City? I'm a Realtor in NYC and could help.  Celine Crotty  (

  • Hello Jesse

    I am in Florida  Palm Beach

    we can work together if you want



  • I'd be happy to handle Las Vegas Nevada for you.  Keep us posted.

  • If you receive any properties for Central Oregon; zips 97701, 97702, 97703, 97707, 97753, 97756, 79959 please let me know I would be happy to work them! 

  • Jesse, If you are expanding to Maryland and Washington DC, we will be happy to handle your referral. My company will like to register with your star if he will include our area. We love referrals in Maryland and Washington DC.

  • any California high desert leads

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