I got a BPO call from Altisource!

Clear out of the blue!  I was part of the mass firing from at least 2 years ago. I didn't get the order because I knew that they probably couldn't get my fee approved. But, wow. What a shock. 

Anyone else getting Altisource orders?  Are they coming to you via email?  Or are you getting calls?  Or do they come from Equator? 

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  •  I signed up with Altisource last week and received an email this afternoon for a BPO 36 miles(and two counties) away. Paying only $40.  I did not accept.

    • I got them up to $110. - CECE I sent you a friend invite, I some information for you about Altisource.

    • 36 miles radius. 57 miles one-way if you drive.

      • All of these companies for the most part you can ask for a higher fee. I am always doing BPO's that are further away from me for $100-$175. Not always are they approved but a lot of times they are. 

  • And maybe this call will help open up doors with them again!

    P.S. Their fees have gone down but their volume is still high.
    • Thanks.  I was using both platforms at the time.  The old one for a listing and this newer one for BPOS.  Now they want property inspections and 'management'.

  • Hey CeCe,

    I'm not sure if you knew this but a few year ago when you had your ordeal with Altisource Portfolio Solutions, was likely when they moved over to a new BPO platform at: https://valuations.realtrans.com/realtrans-vp/auth/sec/login

    They emailed a private invite to selected agents/brokers asking if they'd like to be a "Preferred Agent/Broker" for them. If you didn't get the invite you won't get orders.

    Although, we've seen them pick lots of "preferred" people for a given area, especially bigger markets, the agent/broker thinks that they are the only one getting orders in their area. We all know that this would mean disaster for the company to only be reliant on a few so they spread themselves out.

    I hope this helps you and any one else with questions you may have about this!
  • I usually just run away, for any amount!

  • I do them, via email.  They call when no one jumps on the blast email. I can usually get them up to $75 exterior with a phone call. Been consistent for a year at least.

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