• Has anyone heard of Chandler Crouch Realtors in Texas. I had an email from them and they wanted to know if I had ever closed a HUD deal? I answered that I had...I was in a class at the time of the email and did not pay much attention who sent it since it said HUD Director. Once I got home I reviewed the email again and looked them up...they are a HUD listing broker. I find this odd .Anyone had experience with such a thing? Thanks
    • I do know chandler crouch and yes he is an agent.  I actually almost brought him on here in January. Can you give me a call or shoot me over an email? 267-666-0726

  • I received an email today from Sage stating I can send in my proposal.  I guess the awards are finalized.  

    •  I did as well, but they don't have my area at least not at the current time.

  • Any idea who has been awarded Virginia?

  • So does anyone have info who got NY State and where to sign up?

    • IEI Citiside got NY.  To the best of my knowledge there has been no official announcement on where to sign up, REMEMBER there are 4 plus SBA protests and 8 protests at GAO with the date the agency has to respond by being Jan. of 2016!  So we most likely will be waiting for awhile.

      This goes for all contract areas,  They are all under protest!

  • Has anyone sign up? I haven't see anything going with these new these AMs
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