• yes all the awards have been made, Sage got MD/DC

      • Am i correct in seeing that Matt Martin was awarded 2D area solely?  I am in Missouri and everything I have seen Missouri is not one of the listed states under the area 2D.  We are currently LLB's for PEMCO. 

        • It looks like Matt Martin did get 2D but Missouri is not listed as one of the states.  An error I presume.

          • Thank you.  I assume an error too. Since these new assets were awarded now and Matt Martin is now solely 2d area, will they open up for new LLB's to apply in this area. We are currently LLB"s for PEMCO and have been for the last 3 years.  I am new to all of this since that this is my first year going through a change in the asset managers.  We have tried for the last 3 years to secure another HUD contract with the other asset managers. Any tips you can provide or willing to share with me.  I am looking to grown and REO/HUD department for my broker.  

            • Missouri is in contract area 2D, and each contract area only has 1 AM Contractor.

              MMREM is the sole AM Contractor for 2D.

              If you refer to the map I gave out in my class it shows which states are in which contract areas.  The reason I gave out the map is because this always happens........when the awards are posted some of the states get left out in error.  If you use the map you see which contract area your state is in, and when HUD awards, they award by contract area.

              Attached is a the map

              3 7 Section J Attachment A1 6-3-14 (3) (1) (1).pdf

      • thank you deborah. I sent you a email a few minutes ago. did you receive?

  • I just got back this email from a contact I have at BLB Resources which was awarded the HUD Asset Management contract for Michigan:

    The new contract has still not been announced. They did extend our current contract through 12/31/15, but we are not accepting any new LLBs until the announcement is been made…and then based on what the announcement is.  Please keep in mind that BLB Resources will only select one LLB from any given office.


    P.S. Additionally Important Information Below:

    BLB Resources Training Calendar (All Events)-

  • Does anyone have a complete list of HUD 3.7 awards?  

    • Thank you for the direction Deborah.... Can the same AM be awarded the same area? I am in NJ (3p) . There were two AMs before. Is it one to AM now?
      • There is just 1 contractor per area.  All contracts have been awarded.  And from the chatter, all of the areas are going to be protested.

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