Hud CWCOT Program

Is anyone familiar or heard of this ? I am totally confused .It has something to do with "Claims Without Conveyance of Title". I don't know if they all are auction properties. If I accept this listing I have to enter it in our mls. It is also on The commission is poor . 

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  • Never heard of it.

    When one of my clients puts a listing on, sometimes I get a listing agreement and put it in the MLS and but mostly I don't.  When I don't, all I'm out is doing the valuation and photos so I get paid relatively big @ $750-$1000 for an interior BPO.  Maybe a little more if someone calls to see the property if it's vacant and they put me in as their agent.  

    I've never had an with a listing that actually sold.  The problem is that if it's a hot property, the buyer is in charge of entering her own offers.  Agents lose control and there's no guarantee that the buyer will remember to put you in as agent.

    Many times, sellers put occupied properties on in hopes that it will sell and they won't have to start eviction. When they put me down as the contact, it makes for a stupid conversation because I can't show it unless I have the occupants cooperation.  Helloooo?
  • I've seen this a lot in JACKSONVILLE FL but I actually went to a seminar in Las Vegas with AREAA and the had a panel discussing this topic. If you want please contact me and I can tell you more as well give you the contact info for the panelists. This is where REO is now going. Most of the home will be sold occupied and yes via auction first.
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