• I just heard that many areas are being re-bid, including mine in Texas. Sage currently has the contract.

  • We just word from BLB that their contract for the 3P
    Region was extended until 5/31/2018. We heard the same from Cityside and then 3 months later they were out and Sage Acquistions took over. But I curious because it says M&M 3.7 was extended but isn't HUD seeking sought for M&M 3.9 now?
  • The HUD listings in Texas are way down. Only about 216 HUD in all of Texas.  Not sure what is going on but i have heard it is likely the contract will be re-bid.  Currently with Sage.

  • The 3.7 Asset Management of HUD-owned homes located in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi (6A Region) will be aligned to K.M. Minemier & Associates (KMM) transition beginning June 1, 2017.  This is the only info I have on the re-assignments of HUD contracts.  You should sign up with Chronos anyway.  

    • Thanks for the info.  My office is a HUD  listing office with Chronos currently.  Just wanting to get a head start if they get replaced in Montana.  I was able to get in before another office when Chronos got the contract for 5d because I got info before they did.

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