HUD 3.8

Has anyone else heard anything about the HUD 3.8 awards.  I received an email yesterday from Debbie Caruso stating we can join her group and will be the first to know who has been awarded.  This is after the protests.  I am just wondering if anyone else had heard anything.  I think Debbie wants you to join her group, for $25.  Not sure I agree with this, after most of us paid her already.  Anyone have any news?  Thanks much.

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      • Hi Lucy

        Would you mind sharing with me your sample?

        My email is:


      • I would appreciate a sample of yours as well.

        My email is

        Thank you.

      • Hi Lucie I would also like a sample.  

      • ooops-here's my email-

      • Would love to have a copy as well. I have made multiple applications to them and have never gotten a response/listing. thanks in advance. yvonne

      • Hi Lucie, May I get a copy also?  Pemco too?

      • Hi Lucie, May I get a copy also?  Pemco too?  Thanks, Linda

      • Lucie ,

             Would you be kind enough to send a copy my way as well -

      • Please share  Thank you!

      • LUCIE - thank you for your insight.  Could you email me a copy also?

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