We were extremely fortunate in Dec and landed new accounts (and our first listings) With two outsourcers and one direct lender.I am looking for your advice on how to ensure that these are not one and done accounts. We want these accounts to become endless supplies of listings.What advice do you have?

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  • Rick & Dustin are correct. I would add that although you don't want to bother your AM, if you have a question on how this particular account does something, contact the pre-marketer & ask. Far better to ask than assume & be wrong. It also goes without saying that you should be super friendly & nice to the pre-marketer, they're usually your greatest ally for future business.Wish you much success :)

  • This may not need to be said, but we have found that doing a good job has been our best source of continued and new business.  We tend to focus less on memberships, conferences, direct email/ calls and more on keeping our head down grinding away.


    Good luck!

  • -All tasks in on time or early. "If its early you're on time, if it's on time, you're late, if your late, you're fired" is the attitude.

    -Don't call the asset manager at all if possible, if you call with a problem, have 2 or 3 possible solutions before you pick up the phone, be brief as the asset manager has 100+ properties besides yours, likely a lot more than 100.

    -Make every BPO you do the best one you've ever done, and sell the property as quick as possible for the highest net-to-seller.

    -Treat the property as if it was your own, check it twice weekly, make sure utilities are on and it is in top selling condition.


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