How to Get into REOs with B of A

Ok so I know you need a branch manager referral from a B of A branch and I believe I now have that set covered.

But who do I have him make the referral to?

And any other thoughts or ideas about how to do this?

I know I am chasing one of the really hard ones but I finally think I can make it happen.

Thanks for your input.

Anton Stetner

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  • I was told by my BOA reps that there is a year and a half wait. You have to refer "x" amount of business to them per month and it's all documented in a program which I forgot the name of. So you have to refer and then wait for an agent in your area to basically mess up. The year and a half is an estimated time because of the waiting list but they say it's pretty accurate. If the agents in your area are doing a satisfactory job then your chances are very slim. Good luck.
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