• That's a good Anton! LOL

    You are both absolutely right! Immediately find some common ground because that will keep the AM interested and won't make them think you are another agent just trying to get their business. Remember that most AMs work very hard and they want to relax when they go to events. Also, don't make the mistake to think the AM is of no value because he does not have any assignments for your area. He can provide a wealth of information on what to do or not do when managing assets. Stay in touch and you might just get an opportunity when he has to reassign an asset or the listing agent falls short.
  • Become friends with them before they become an AM, it is easier that way. LOL.

    Honestly I usually try to talk about anything but work and about them. When they bring it up then ask whatever you want but not until then. Or if I have a specific question where they are the expert and I ask that question. I have also found that effective.
  • Be yourself, don't be pushy, and keep shop talking to the minimun, look to develop the relationship rather than just go and ask for business, that is what 90% of the agents do. stand out and be unuque, be yourself we are all unique, if you have chemestry with the AM you will have a long and successful relationship.
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