I've been contacted by Dave Sahlin with HorizonSolutionsOnline. He was and is looking for former Titanium Solutions HRCs to join this site for $90 to get direct-to-agent short sales from Fannie & Freddie and possible REOs later on.  Anyone familiar with him or the company? Presumably it's been functioning in the northeast since January.

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  • Don't pay any one

  • They are no longer

  • Received  this just today ... Not sure what to think of it

    Former Titanium Real Estate Professionals, GREAT NEWS!  With the spring real estate season upon us, homeowners are in need of your special services, let us bring these homeowners directly to you. We have several zip codes for YOU as a Member Agents and have added major programs and enhancement changes for our current members! Unfortunately, the national mortgage default rate is up, so HSO is actively recruiting new Member Agents so that we can “connect qualified, compassionate real estate professionals with home owners needing help through the modification, pre-foreclosure or short sale process, in order to avoid foreclosure”. 

    We have a Foreclosure Prevention Specialist here at HSO and she has a passion for working with distressed homeowners in need of YOUR expertise and skills as a former associate with Titanium. Because we are limiting the number of Agents per zip code, hurry to reserve yours now

    To hear more details about how you can join and access the homeowners, tools, BPO’s and information Horizon Solutions Online offers its Member Agents across the country, please register to attend and join me for the Free informational webinar outlining our programs, services and benefits to you, the potential Member Agent.  The time is scheduled below:


    Wednesday, April 20, 2017 at 10:00 AM (9AM Pacific, 11AM Central, 12PM Eastern)

    Reserve Your Seat Here for HSO Webinar

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  • How is this company working out?  I get an email from Dave Sahlin every other day to sign up and pay to use them....

  • How is this company working out?  I get an email from Dave Sahlin every other day to sign up and pay to use them....

  • I was looking up the legal definition of "Fraud" and although it seems that this, as well as solicitations by several other companies (IREO/Absolue, anyone?) , seem to comply with the definition, it is also a bitch to prove. So colleagues, as the saying goes, caveat emptor - and do your homework first by googling and thoroughly checking before you pay!

  • I just checked out the website and entered a zip code in my area.  There are about 10 agents registered, most of whom do not even work or live anywhere near here. I don't understand how a homeowner would find this website and why they would choose to work with an agent who does not live in their area let along in their state!

  • Lead selling websites are a plenty - some work out great and some don't this is not about the good ones or the bad ones- but it seems they are all doing the below which you can do too 

    1.You can buy 100-300 short sale leads by calling a reputable lead provider to sell you 180 day late foreclosure leads

    2. Buy credit driven data no modeling of credit scores, focus by zip codes, and most importantly LENDER NAME!

    3. Build a better website with proper SEO and keywords and you control your own brand and you can position your self as the expert in the market -Focus on search phrases, not single keywords, and put your location in your text (“ Palm Springs short sale” not “short sale”) to help you get found in local searches.

    4. Proper back linking

    5.Put proper relevant content on your website so people have reason to come back and be educated - search engines like when you provide valuable useful information to the world...

    6. Fresh content can help improve your rankings. Add new, useful content to your pages on a regular basis. Content freshness adds relevancy to your site in the eyes of the search engines.

    7. Understand NPV when offering a short sale workout.....!!!!! Without clear understanding of NPV,  your short sale will never go through 


    8. Learn what your search engine calls "geo targeting" 

    Joey Singh

    ATX BPO Inc. 
    Business Development 

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    (Disclaimer- My company does BPO Data Entry Outsourcing and Order Capture- DO NOT CALL me for any orders [some have], Or to sign up with us or to complain to me about how bad business is..umm I know how the REO business is, that's why you're doing BPO's... I am not affiliated with ANY of the above mentioned companies- we get information through our own intelligence gathering resources....This in NOT an advertisement- check with the vendor if they have orders and see for yourself- I do not want to have a political discussion with you about sharing helpful competitive information with your fellow Realtor....Because it affects my client base and our employees that's why I do it...and I would like to share the information and help everyone prosper for remainder of 2015- Please, Please for g*sh sake do not send me your information.I am not looking to replace your offshore outfit, you can keep using them...


  • Signed up this time last year and received nothing but promises.  He was setting up a website and working directly with Freddie/Fannie and nothing has come of it.  I personally emailed him at the end of the year to get an update and no response

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