All these companies wants to benefit from our MLS system, then charge us crazy fees to feature in their site or pays us 1% to list their property on our MLS such as NationStar. We should start coming together against it!

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  • they need to ALL go away and agents have to be smarter and STOP paying these website companies BUT  there will always be those agents that think they will gain business from them until maybe some day they will wake up and realize what a rip off all of those website companies are.  I constantly get calls from Trulia and I just tell them " not interested" and hang up!!  

  • Hugo, you're 100% correct in your assessment. We who do the legwork and supply all of the data that these companies mine, gather and then with a web presence simply sell back to us is a travesty and a long way from where we began. I support your campaign completely and have pushed this agenda at our Board for some time. 

    I know how it was when we owned the database and when it was done for the benefit of the members and homeowners. Today I have customers who have their houses still listed on Trulia or Zillow after it sold more than 2 years ago. They come to me for help and I have to educate them on the vagaries of the web and data USERS.

    Great product they sell.


  • I believe we've been sold out. By are own boards, charging sooo much and forcing us to believe their "freebies" are such a gift... by our lenders, who greedily destroyed our practice and our economy and now they are opening their own sales formats..... and by our governing boards who have allowed them... for their own individual greed.

       Real estate, as we know, as we have practiced... will soon not need us. Our boards sit by and collect monies and give away our hard earned listings so that they can be used against us. These Auction sites will soon go directly to the home owner and sell for almost nothing and the buyers will be charged a fee for doing so....its heading in that direction.....remember guys.... if it walks like a duck..... and quacks like a duck..... what our boards are not seeing, is.... they're next.... the state will sell them out as well.....then hopefully, we can get minimum wage working at the lenders sales office..... selling "THEIR" listings....

    Sorry for the rant....but, I believe our industry has been sold out. ( while we watch).

  • I get calls from Trulia all the time and simply say "not interested and hang up."  I deal with a lot of investors who buy REO properties and they watch these sites like a hawk.  Problems always come from the preforeclosure properties they list.

  • AMEN! We are the EXPERTS in Real Estate.  They should be glad to have us...and paying US if anyone has to pay anything!  When will we wake up???

    They can only succeed if we make their ventures successful.  Too many people giving in to the scraps they are handing us.  It helps none of us... It just puts the real money in the scammers' hands. They pay $400 a YEAR to tap into our resources (that we already pay for) and then charge $400 AN AGENT to "allow" us the scraps we can scrounge from their service.

    Seriously, pathetic. BUT, many Agents don't see it... they just keep writing the checks for the priviledge of that -200 commission in the end. 

  • Just dont pay. I told a guy from Trulia today to put me on their do not call list. He asked why?!? Can you believe it? I told him their info was dated and inaccurate. That I dislike Trulia and Zillow (soon to be Zillia or Truliow.).. That they use my MLS info for free and then they want ME TO PAY. That I resent these companies. He didnt try to persuade me. Plus these salespersons call me from many different area codes. Each new phone number goes under my 'do not answer' or Trulia contact list.
    • how do you put on "do not answer"? thanks for your comments.

      • I have several contacts I named "do not answer" on my phone. When I answer any call that turns out to be a sales call that I do not want, I save it under "do not answer" or the company name. If they call me again, I know I can safely ignore the call. My "ringer" says "call from do not answer" or "call from Sue" or "call from 555-555-5555".
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