Homesales, Inc.

Have not seen a previous discussion on Homesales, Inc. so I guess its ok to start one. From what I can tell they are a division of Chase. I am a Chase listing agent through PAM but the seller has always been JP Morgan Chase Bank NA. There are quite a few listings in my area where the seller is Homesales, Inc. So my question is does Homes Sales Inc. assign listings through the same channels (13 or so outsourcers) as Chase? Does anybody have contact information for Homesales, Inc?

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  • DO NOT work with PRECISION ASSET MANAGEMENT (PAM) in Torrance, CA and work with any CHASE REOs. I was their agent last year and I quit doing REO listings for them. Most of their REO listings from Chase as seller/owner. I guaranteed you that they will be ended up with the program called Chase Communitiy Revitalization Program (CCRP). The program allowed other NON-PROFIT organizations/builders/contractors to purchase the REO below market value directly from banks without going to public and finally they fix them up and Sell more than the Market Value for FHA folks or low/moderate income people who made very little down payments and bidded over the listed price on the MLS... They called that REVITALIZATION AND STABLIZATION PROGRAM???? I DON'T GET IT!!!! They will explode again in the near future or BUBBLE market will follow for these REO properties....Finally you will be paid ONLY $1,000 despite you worked your AS*S off for the pre-listing such as Evictions, CFKs, Weekly inspections, Utilities paid on their behalf, obtaining BIDs.... THAT'S RIDICULOUS!. Also, most of their asset managers have no clues about Asset Management at all. They are RUDE to Realtors and blasting emails to us with many stupid questions. They don't work with each others... Also, their payment is worst and long. The accounting department are CLOWNs and demanding many long proofs via LPS Invoice Management.... Boycotting THEM both PRECISION ASSET MANAGEMENT (PAM) and CHASE because your time is worth doing other real stuffs instead of spending wasted times and finally got paid ONLY $1,000. I am working with other Real estate agents to file complaints with CA Consumer Affairs, FTC, DRE and CAR and NAR about their UNFAIR Practices toward Realtors like us. Please contact me for further information of forming a group of Realtors against PAM and Chase. Seriously, thanks!

  • Derrick,

    I would love to know more about becoming a Chase Listing agent in Central Kentucky. 

    • Hi Mary,

      First email Chase and become preapproved In some weeks they will call you for an interview. If you pass, they will deliver your name to a list of their outsourcers. In the weeks that follow you will be invited to apply with some of these outsourcers depending on their need. I have received Chase assets from Precision Asset Management and one from 24 Asset Management. Stay committed. When you start getting assignments, put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into even the smallest minutia details of each of your tasks and get everything done ahead of schedule. Good luck!

      • Thanks Derrick!!  I did 2 interviews with Chase and one of the outsourcers  were New Vista and another one too. I sent all my paper work in and still not hearing a word.  When I call Chase, they say that its up to the outsources to get ahold of me if they have assets in my area, Kentucky.  Got any more ideas.  Thanks!!



  • Thanks Cece, we have a quite a few here in OR. Seems to be a pretty big outsourcer for what little info there is for them.

    • I'm looking for same information, I have a written offer and no where to go with it. Running into dead end, but if I by chance find contact information I will post it. FYI CA.

      Asset Owner is Homesales Inc. But I think it was Chase, then BOA. But no one has it on their REO list.

      • Hi Bettie,

        Thanks for the info. Now I had an asset listed with Home Loan Services that was transferred to B of A when B of A acquired the servicing rights, luckily I kept and sold the asset. As far as I know Home Loan Services is different them Home Sales Inc. Are you sure that Home Sales Inc. also went to B of A? Cece's check above reports the Chase loan officer verbiage.

        • I have a posted phone number direct line to BOA REO department. But asset is not on their list.

          Number posted on home. Tax report says Owner Homesales Inc. I understand they service the REO for

          a number of lenders. Makes things more difficult not listed and over an hour drive for me, but the buyer is a good client, all cash offer, and plans to live in home.


          • Interesting, so even though they may be a Chase or B of A entity they service other lenders. Good luck with your search and buyer, keep us posted when you learn more!

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