Here are some more BPO firms and some REO firms- if you are a connection on Linked-in- where ever I have a personal contact- I will send it over...

Joey Singh
Ameritax BPO Inc.
Business Development 

Tax and Business Consulting
AmeriTax Inc.
Learn how we can increase your business with our marketing help!
Skype: Ameritax1
1 212 801 2390 Office Ext 888
1 516 881 0126 Direct Operations Floor Line
1 800 689 6028 Fax
1 917 859 4400 Cell     

Americas Info Mart
ASG Mortgage Services
Asset Management Holdings, LLC
Asset Valuation & Marketing, Inc
Atlas REO
BPO Pros ( basically a sub contractor)
Clear Capital
CoreLogic Appraisal Services
Corporate Asset Management, LLC
Corporate Valuation Services Inc
Data Quick Lending Solutions
Default Servicing Technologies, LLC (DispoSolutions)
Dinwiddie Property Services Company, Inc.
ELAM REO Serivces Inc.
eMortgage Logic LLC
Epic Real Estate Solutions
Equi-Trax Asset Solutions
Financial Asset Services, Inc.
Fisk Properties Incorporated
Five Brothers Mortgage Servicing and Securing, Inc
Freddie Mac BPO Direct
Goodman Dean Inc.
Home Trust Nation
iMortgage Services
Infinity Valuation Services
Innovative Real-Estate Investment Services, LLC/Asset Mgt. Holdings
Inside Valuation, LLC
ISGN (Fiserv Lending Solutions /
LandSafe, Inc. (B of A Valuation Services)
Lender Processing Services
Lighthouse Real Estate Solutions (LRES)
LPS (LSI Division)
M2M (Mark-to-Market)
Meridian Asset Services
MGIC Real Estate Valuations
Nations Valuation Service, Inc.
NationWide BPOs
Nationwide Management Services, Inc.
Old Republic Default Management Services
Olympus Asset Management
PCV Murcor Real Estate Services
Phoenix Asset Management
Platinum Real Estate
PMH Financial
Premiere Assett Services (Wells Fargo Home Mortgag
Pro-Teck Valuation Services
Rels Valuation
REM Corporation
REO America
REO Real Estate
REO World
Residential Real Estate Review
Safe Harbor Collateral Solutions
Secured Lending Services
Security National Servicing
Sedgwick Management Group, LLC
Service Link
Settlement One
Single Source Property Solutions
Southwest Financial Services, Ltd.
StreetLinks Lender Solutions
Transcontinental Valuations
Trinity Real Estate Solutions, Inc.
Valuation Partners
Valuation Support Services
Valucent Corp
Vendor Resource Management

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  • Sorry to burst the bubble Justin - but doing BPO's is not going to get you REO work- its not that simple but simple enough...

    Also in any large scale business where technology is use predominately over human decision making , you will see a huge erosion on pricing, participants and standards..look at insurance quotes, airline tickets, AVM's. the list goes on and on...


      Home - John Chaney - Chaney Realty, Inc - Lawrence Kansas Real Estate
      Chaney Realty Residential & Commercial Real Estate Brokerage & Consulting Services Lawrence Kansas Broker Price Opinion BPO
  • When I started in REO nobody did a BPO under $100. I received $1000-2000 for successful CFK's & my commission was never less than 2.5 per transaction side. I stopped doing BPO's after the standard became $65! I saw people doing them for $35-50 in the end! My last REO sale commission was 2% -25%. They even started charging me $5 per invoice to pay me back my expenses

       I have almost stopped all REO work altogether! Except for  NRT I have no REO work but am making more $$$! NRT actually eased up making the hold REO weekly check every 14 days instead of 7. They gave me permission to do a 1 per month on this property after I complained and stopped doing them at all! Since I can handle any type of home, debtor, repair & always close on time they decided I was worth it!! Those who are awesome at what we do so we don't need REO's! In fact it's a bad business model compared to retail sales!  The smart companies will try and keep  quality brokers! If your a good broker don't be afraid to throw your weight around. If you loose a service provider so be it! Sell retails! Work with investors & builders!

    The service providers will all come around if the good brokers are acting like we are worth it! If they have to deal with the in experience & revolving door of new brokers for a while we will soon be in high demand. Selling houses with no discounts, service referrals, BPO's, CFK's, Repairs, utility management, & fighting with the payment dispatchers over how you uploaded the last electric bill is awesome! Damn.... why would we go back until they get back to the money they paid us before 2009! 

    Justin Thayer

    Team Thayer Real Estate

    • I agree with you 100%.  Sometimes we are so desperate to get a listing, we sell ourselves short.  I have stopped doing BPO's until something changes.

  • Sarah,

    Yes BPO business is booming because of foreclosures ending...yeah right!

    But I have noticed that the bigger the city the more competition there is. More suburban and rural you are, the better it COULD be for your business.. I have clients who do 100 orders a month and they MAKE as much a 400+ Orders a month brokers in Los Angeles, Miami, or Chicago..

    Advice is- Keep up the great work..and Thank G*d no one has found out your secret...!

  • Pretty good list!  Any chance anyone has contact information to collect outstanding invoices from NREIS!  I know it looks bad but I cant sit and do nothing when they owe me thousands of $$$.

  • Great list! 


    Which state has the most activity right now? My orders fluctuate...some months hardly any, other months I am quite busy here in Tennessee. 

  • Joe,

    Yes we signed you up to 35 BPO companies of the top companies that offer jobs in your region of the MID Atlantic and Northeast markets - the previous in the list are a larger swath of companies because included in them are REO AND BPO firms NATIONWIDE-

    Volume always differed from Region to Region...and some companies also fall on and fall off..

    As you can see finally after many years of non-payments to their brokers IAS is "restructuring" and has in effect hired a bankruptcy attorney..

  • Thanks Joey.

    • No problem Frank- nice to hear a thanks- As you can see finally after many years of non-payments to their brokers IAS is "restructuring" and has in effect hired a bankruptcy attorney..- that's why I didn't include them

      Google Denver Post and IAS

This reply was deleted.