Help With Rio Genesis

I was wondering if anybody has used Rio Genesis.  I was thinking about giving them a shot because of some positive reviews I received on another web board. 

I signed up about a week ago however I haven't been to impressed with their customer service.

I was wondering if anybody can comment on their experience with this company.


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  • They have the WORST customer Service!  If it wasnt that I didnt have time to learn BPOAutomation (everyone has recommended this to me), I would have switched.  RIO Genesis company never picks up the phone.  You have to email them and they always respond when they FEEL like it.  I have deadlines for my bpo's and cant sit around waiting for their customer service to answer me.  They need to update the system.  In order to complete Equator bpo's, you have to downgrade your internet explorer from 9 to 8.  Thumbs down.

    • I am truly surprised...are you using the Chat button on the side?  They have many techs on line and they chat back and forth and help you....Sounds like you are just not using all the tools.   I laugh when you talk about that is a dinosaur!

  • I have been using RIO Genesis for some time.  The improvements are awesome.  This system can be used for all types of transactions...they are user friendly and have webnairs.  Great investment.  Great way to tract business and stay on target.

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