HEADS UP!! Using numerous company names...

Got several emails today that are interesting.

New BPO assignments from from unknown company Clarocity Valuation Services.

Much later today one realtor got an announcement that "Valued Veterans" is now Clarocity Valuation Services. Valued Veterans has never sent out any BPO assignments. Valued Veterans which is a service allegedly for realtors to work with Veterans to get them cheap or reduced rate homes. Realtors had to pay to be considered available - no one has paid to be to join.

Clarocity Valuation Services is Valuation Vision. They have 2 different websites and login links but clicking on Clarocity Valuation Services logo will take you to Valuation Vision's website ....

https://www.valuationvision.com/   OR   https://www.cvsorders.com/common/login.php (on assignments)

Also this was published and missed (by me ) Clarocity Corporation Announces Reorganization of Valuation Services Division : May 5, 201 http://www.marketwatch.com/story/clarocity-corporation-announces-reorganization-of-valuation-services-division-2017-05-05

ValVis keeps flopping their "corporate" office between California and Calagry Canada. Clarocity Valuation Services lists BOTH addresses:

U.S. Headquarters    3115 Melrose Avenue, Suite 130 Carlsbad, CA 92010
Canadian Offices    P.O. Box 5638, Station "A" Calgary, AB T2H 1Y1

ValVis is also sending out assignments at the same time and have "reduced" their fees even more. If you call them for a fee increase they very willingly increase the fee - getting paid however is another story. They also provide for "blended reports" using pics from one realtor desktop reports from another etc, etc, etc. Very, very suspect but that is one excuse why they offer very low fees to complete. (other companies have done this in the past and have burned realtors badly in various ways) They also have limited information about any assignment and OFTEN include multi-units as SFD for the same low fees. Borrower/owner info and property/tax ID is often not available and not provided. Interiors you have to re-contact them to obtain any POC information and often they don't readily have it either but they will claim your report is "late" and pay back at the original fee and (possibly) not pay at all.

When insisting on getting paid for significantly overdue payments and listening to all the excuses as to why payment had not gone out.... payment was received in full but accounts were terminated.... Still have realtors who keep their accounts but DO NO WORK FOR VAL VIS

Clarocity Valuation Services is sending out assignments at much higher fees but have yet to see an actual assignment be in the queue when you log in. Since Clarocity Valuation Services has never been registered by us it is pretty "strange" ValVis login "works" and they have all necessary documents. Also there is no phone # or address like most legit long-term BPO companies include in solicitations. 

Seems too much like how Broker Price Opinion/FirstVal (and can't remember the 3rd name they were using) operates.


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  • After not receiving a return phone call from Clarocity but continuing to receive the same solicitation over & over I called ValVis who at first denied knowing about any Clarocity to changing the story to the "assignments are there" to changing yet again the assignments "couldn't be viewed" and IT knew and was "working on fixing". Now mind you all these story changes were without asking who I was, where the solicitation was or by any attempts to verify or validate a specific assignment by ValVis rep on the phone.

    When discussing (use that term loosely) the absence of any real assignment and the unrealistic (fake) fee of $65 for exteriors I said why don't you just stop sending out these nonexistent non-viewable assignments every hour or so until your "problem" is fixed. I also mentioned that ValVis same stated "fee" on a solicitation was $30-$40 for an exterior.

    When pointing out ValVis past payment problems - no answers at all.

    When I mentioned the flip flop of "corporate offices " from Cali to Canada and back to Cali she said not Canada - Kansas - (that would be Valued Vets not ValVis). Still I pointed to the Cali and Calgary Canada offices of both ValVision and Clarocity.

    She also claimed Valued Vets was an appraisal company -- not true - and the merger was "going to merge appraisals and BPOs" - which I sincerely hope that is not what it sounds like...

    When pointing out the lack of address or any information on the solicitation she said that is only after an agent has accepted. I said so if the agent has no information about the property why would they accept an unknown assignment just because it was in a zip code.

    I also explained from past experience ValVis did not have correct information on the properties even after assignment and did not provide agents with accurate details about POC's or the subject property often passing off multi-units and commercial properties as SFD. No response.

    She stated she would remove me or anyone else from their database (just give her names). I said no I like to keep up with knowing what past bad companies are up to especially when they are changing their names.

    End of convo "well we are merging" and the "owner of Valued Veterans is the owner of ValVis and Clarocity". ValVis ended the call by disconnecting.

    Did not get to ask why no one answered phones at Clarocity..

    Attached is a solicitation.


  • These are FAKE assignments - claiming $65 EXT when you log in you get "this order is no longer available or you have previously declined" . Several hours later same assignment same order # same result when you log in.


  • BTW no one answers the phone at Clarocity Valuation Services and messages left have gone unanswered..... Very much how ValVis corp operated.

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