• We use Taza as our management system, and are loving it. I actually received a bpo, yeah! We will see where it goes from there.
    • We use TAZA and actually recived an assignment!! YEAH! I spoke to some of my other friends out east and apparently they have many investment companies purchasing bulk tapes from Fannie.
  • We are a TazaREO user and also received the solicitation for BPO/REO assignments. Since we are Taza users, we don't have the additional cost that non-Taza users need to pay after the free first month. We'll see where it goes from here. I believe that we will see BPO orders and ultimately, REO Assignments. This, of course, depends upon when those darned "flood gates" to back-logged REOs opens up...

    So far, we've been impressed with Taza and the support we get. We'll see how Tazaville goes...
  • They are just starting so who knows. I use TAZA as my REO back office so they approached users first. I get the feeling from conversations with them that they will primarily solicit BPO's.
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