• Hi Everyone,

    It was brought to my attention that Absoluate REO Solutions has 7 Forums threads working so, in an effort to keep everyone on the same page, i am going to close this discussion thread and refer everyone to the more active thread below.
    Absolute REO Solutions??
    I just received a call from a representative from Absolute REO Solutions. There is a $295 fee associated with their 'service'. Does anyone know if th…
  • 10/20/2009 I signed up.
    No activity. I emailed Steven asking about work 4/29/2010
    Nothing! I emailed Steven and Gary and asked them for a full refund and removal from there vendor list.
    Nothing! 5/3/2010 I emailed Gary. Requesting a full refund and removal from vendor list.
    I finally hear something, it’s a BPO order form Steven, and I immediately return the email via my Blackberry. Requesting a full refund ASAP and removal from the vendor list. Informing Steve that I will not accept this BPO. And I still have no communication nor do I have the refund requested that was assured to me.
    I know I have been taken advantage of, and after this I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did.
  • This is not looking good for this company. I have thought about signing up but forking out so much money when everybody and their family is now a REO specialist. This is just chaotic! Any way I don't think I am going to sign up with them. Shoot, even dispo solution is wanting money now...Boy, I guess nothing is for free now. Not even the air we breath....
  • I finally received a BPO here in Northern California. We shall see how it goes as an REO.
  • I just got a call from them garanting work but a $295 sig up fee!!
    • Hello Stephen!
      Can you give me an update call on how things are shaping up in the Los Angeles area?
  • Leticia,
    I have been approached by them also. $295 is a lot of money if you don't get any business from them. One listing would pay for itself though.
    Nobody below has received any assignments either. Whats the hold up. I am skeptical of all the newbies that are jumping into this market on the premise of teaching us what we need to know and "How to get REO listings".
    I am going to need references in order to move forward with this.
    • I emailed them for a refund but so far no refund and no reply.
      • Sandra,

        Were you satisfied with the outcome? They have contacted me. Told me I would be able to get BPO's to recoup the $295 right away and listings hopefully in the future.

        • I asked them for a refund as well.... its been hmm... 6-8 work from them AND... no response to my last email.... (actually the first time I asked for it, I recvd a bpo......)....i LIVE IN FT.LAUDERDALE fL... home OF THE FORECLOSURE...... if I havent recvd reo's from them by now...... I wont////////now I just want my money one seems to want to honor their refund policy......
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