• Yes, I signed up with them and paid their fee. nothing happened for months on end. then one day i got a call to do 3 BPO's all due within 24 hours and they were geographically scattered all over the map. Well I had already made promises to my other clients. I said i would try but as it turned out I couldn't do it. The guy was downright frosty about it and that was the end of my relationship with them.  As a more experienced REO agent I just get burned out on people who expect you to have a "drop everything for you" attitude.  Don't they want the experienced agent who can finesse the BPO and the listing? Do they think that experienced agents can really drop everything like that? Successful and experienced agents are busy agents.  I do appreciate the opportunity, no doubt about that, but some people don't seem to think things through.
  • Long Application and at the end asking for $79 . What .............Why.............No way................
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