Hi Guys! As we all know the economy did a turn last quarter. I heard from an asset manager that they had over 50,000 assets in their cue waiting on a release command. Well, I just wanted to know if any one has started getting some assets? Thanks guys! 

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  • Not yet in Northern California. Inventory is still very low. Anybody got any answers to the problem?
  • I think the moratorium has been a signifigant reason for slow down in assignment distribution in California. In California we were dealing with the federal moratorium, in addition to, a state moratorium. The banks actually liked to moratoriums after a while as it decreased the amount of inventory and increasing buyer interest and raising the sales comps of these REOs.
    • Still super slow for me in So Cal......
  • Slowly dribbling in...been a very slow month in South Florida.
  • Hey guys. A lot of perople have asked about the companies which Fannie use. I don't mind sharing; not stingy at all! http://www.greenrivercap.com, http://www.pmhreo.com/Login.aspx. These companies keep me busy. All Fannie properties. Hope this helps.
    • Hello Marqueze,

      Thank you for the information. I was wondering how you were awarded the business for these companies. I am already signed up with res.net but didnt know if you had a specific approach for these companies.

      • Im still waiting in California too. I used to have 300 listings, now down to 5. I was working for at least 12-13 companys before California moritorium hit, Now I only get a few from PAS right now. I did have like 50 from them...I have been signing up with everybody...Any suggestions? Any body in Cali. Experience the same? Im in N. Cali...I used to get a lof of work from GreenriverCap, now nothing. CALREO, now nothting..NREOB, now nothing. I have always been a top broker with everybody, so? MDWEBB, now nothing.
        • I've been working Countrywide & now B of A's REO's for about 5 years (San Diego). I am also at a low of 5 listings of which 1 is being facilitated with REDC (they take about 1/3 rd of the listing comm.) They are all pretty much 'strays'. None of my AM's seem to be told when & if the next wave is to hit.
        • I'm in Southern California and have seen the same things you have. I'm down to all new lows with about 5 assignments I'm working on.
  • Strong 1st quarter for me but April slowed big time, I still have a couple in pre-market but nothing new since the beginning of the month. It is wild the way properties hit sometimes, It seems I never get just one at a time, just like Margaret I tend to get a bunch dropped at one time when they are released and fortunately once they are listed they usually go under contract as fast as the asset co. will accept them, most under multiple offers....good problem to have.
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