IREO PRO called one quiet day two months ago to offer their services and demanded $400 for registration. I did not know why a BPO company will demand money for services that l will offer them. The asset manager further promised listings within weeks. I paid the money and got some BPO but no REO listings. Is this normal?

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  • This is a scam.  They do promise to give you your money back if you don't get two listings within a year.

    But I asked them if I could pay them out of my first closing with them and never heard back.  They want 

    you to do the BPO's for free in hopes of getting a listing.  Don't do it!

  • old question. old scam. read the first highlighted discussion - REO PRO. Never pay anything before doing a search on a company you've never heard of. Asset mgmt firms dont ask for money. Some BPO companies do.
    • Thank you. This is a scam and l will follow up and get to them.

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