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My name is Ed Kowalski and I am writing to you regarding my group The BPO Partners. I help agents all over the country increase their Realtor income by adding Broker Price Opinions to their existing business. Below is the link to my company website. If you would like a free consultation please feel free to email me back or call/text me. Feel free to check out the website for more information. 


Hope to hear back 


Ed Kowalski

The BPO Partners

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  • I told them I have been doing BPOs and REOs for years so they replied.
    Thanks for the response. We are a group that helps agents to add BPOs to their existing business or increase volume of existing BPO businesses. We help in the following ways

    Company sign ups
    Acceptance services from a partner at a discount
    Data entry and completion services at a discount
    Photo services from a partner company

    For this we charge a monthly management fee for the entire program of $5 per order paid at the end of each calendar month.

    Let me know your thoughts and if you have further interest.
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