Getting dragged back into Real Estate!

Hi All,


I am an insurance broker for the past 8 years and in 2008 I decided to get into the real estate industry by getting my broker's license. Working only 3 months doing BPO's, I got my first listing from Goodman Dean.


Fast foward to 2090- 2010, I decided to get out of BPO game and halted all BPO and Titanium action. It was too much of a drag and short sales were getting to be dominant in this market. I took some short sale classes and certification, but it wasn't for me since I had insurance business to take care of, so I slowed down my real estate business to very little per year (2-3 transaction a year).


Well, it's 2011 and I got people talking to me about reforming a brokerage and preparing to handle REO business again. I won't disclose much, but this time, it'll be about recruiting and training agents for regular transactions and REO services. I got a business plan and a marketing plan in the works and may open with a full office in 2012.


I'm thinking of finding a CRM, website, idx solution for the brokerage with agent access and mobile marketing capabilities, but haven't found much. Alamode seems somewhat complete, but waiting for a quote. Anyone got any suggestions on what they use and what they like about their CRM solution?


Let me know.



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