What do you agents think about this? Has anyone been fired?

"routinely monitors foreign activity attempts to access our network to ensure the security of our data.  Providers that are non-compliant with our policies around foreign access will be promptly removed from our panel."

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  • Yes, I agree! I think the main concern is that if there is a data breach in a foreign country it can't be tracked or prosecuted and therefore not worth the risk. BUT, I think there are wonderful BPO fulfillment companies that mean no harm and deserve a chance. I believe with what they expect in pay shows that these people need the help. Working cooperatively with these companies could be a big help for the valuation and agents alike. Unless of course the companies used this to their advantage and tried to pay agents even less. 

    I think we should be more inclusive and find ways to protect our data and also employ offshore companies as well. 

  • I got a "Cease and Desist" order from Clear Capital last week telling me if they detected my data entry was being done off shore again I would be eliminated.   I think this is so funny. Since, almost all of the BPO companies have hired people in India and Asia to send me all these crazy revisions   like "an aerial view shows that this property is within 2 miles of a truck stop. Please use comps within distance of a truck stop or comment on why the truck stop does not influence this property value."     Good grief.  

    And , please tell me.  Where exactly is this high security risk information hiding in these BPOs anyway?   

  • I take it this is from Clear Capital?  They just sent out a bulk email to any Agents who logged foreign IPs recently.  Seems they are trying to crack down but its counter productive because outsourcing keeps prices lower for their company. BPOFULFILLMENT also put a IP blocker in Jan. and then quickly took it down after it was installed.  What implications does that have?  Data security?  I'd opt to believe that competing businesses in the USA would be more of a threat to their data than a team of offshore data entry specialists.

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