• You are very welcome.....I hope others will complete their due diligence and make the correct decision for themselves.

  • I've been doing REO for 22 years, my experience is any company charging upfront fees for promises of future listings will not be legitimate. 

    • That is probably the numero uno best advice on this entire website. I f you have to pay them then they have nothing to give you.

  • UPDATE: I recd an email from a previous employee of this company. I have corrected her grammar but nothing else was edited. She asked me to keep it anonymous:


    I came across your post on the REO professional website while searching Fleetwood Partners. Fleetwood Partners is not a good company to work with at all and I truly hope you are refunded the $399.99 fee. 
    I used to work at Fleetwood Partners for about a month before myself and about 5 others left the company. When we first started we were informed that we would be giving customers listings for properties that were in "Pre-Foreclosure". At the time we were all so new to real estate and to the company we thought that it was a great opportunity for Real Estate Agents.
    After about two weeks into working for the company we started to realize that the company was not keeping their word to customers. Many customers are not given a property to work on at all or are given the run around for properties. We also inform customers they can work with multiple lenders and banks which is also not the case. We found this out first hand after a coworker had a customer successfully sell a listing we gave her. My coworker was very excited and eager to give the customer another property like we promised. Our manager told my coworker the customer would have to wait to hear from lender for another property.
    Like I stated I have now since left the company with my coworkers they still refuse to give me my pay stubs. All of my coworkers and myself were all shorted on our checks. Some of us have taken further action against the company.
  • I get one to two agents per week from across the nation call and ask if I ever recd any properties. I have not. I requested a refund of my money from my CC. I recd a call from a gentleman at Fleetwood asking why I did that. I explained that I felt I was funding their start up company at the very least. I told him I would gladly do as many BPOs as needed but until I recd an actual property assignment with a listing agreement I would not be re-sending any funds. I have not heard anything from Fleetwood since.
  • I just received a call from them also offering me 10 zip codes in Metro Denver. A one time fee of $395. They appear to be brand new and the guy I spoke with had only been with them for 2.5 weeks. He gave me an address of a property in Arvada which is in pre-foreclosure, said they don't pay for the exterior BPO or interior BPO, but give you the listing as long as the property isn't sold at auction. It just doesn't feel right, so I've turned them down. Still, I'm not positive it's a scam?

  • Scam

    • Thanks Kristine. Have you had or know of someone that has had first hand info on them? I would like to report them to the BBB where they seem to have registered themselves.

  • I want to give an update on my experience with this company. I was called and "interviewed" to determine if I would work for them as a listing agent for REO's in my area. I spoke to Kevin Donnelly. He gave me a property to complete a BPO. The property was indeed in default. Donnelly said I needed to pay $399 to access their platform. I did. He also said the property would be going to sale in two weeks at which time it would become my listing. Two weeks later the property became a HUD home. With another agent. I called him back. He said "they must not have gotten that one". But there would be others. I googled their company and it appears they are located in a strip mall in Glenview, Ill. Because of my initial post on this site, I began getting calls from other agents in the area that were receiving the same calls from this company. I cannot find anything on these guys anywhere. They sent a one page contract that was very superficial compared to the REO/Asset management companies with which I have worked in the past. I called my credit card company and cancelled the payment. If anyone has had a different experience with Fleetwood Partners, please let me know. If you have been contacted by them, let's talk.

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