• I have been every year but 1 I think. It has always been benificial to me. Great networking, good breakout classes, I have always gotten business from each year of attendance. This year they expanded the breakout sessions. Much smaller than years past as far as vendors, attendance according to Thomas Griffin was about 3500. However, you would not realize that there were  that many there.

    • OUCH!! 6,000 claimed attendance a couple years ago!

  • This is my view, not pushing anybody to see it same way. Going to convention(s) gives me a good ideas, new thinking and lot of information I wouldn't get it in school, no one would share that info here, or from online classes, even they are handy and cost less. 2009 convention was experience and eye opener. 2010 was lot of good knowledge, directions. 2011 was planning which would lead me to open my own brokerage plus top the cake with a new account what generate in 2012 almost 40k extra to my income. I wouldn't have it if I didn't attend. Spend 3 gains 40. This year I met AM face 2 face, connections and leads. Lot of networking = OPEN DOOR TO NEW ADVENTURE. You meet young people, older people and old people, they are all smart and if you can remember just one thing from conversation, you are rich.   Was worth it to attend? For me, yes. That is my 2cents. 

  • ** Didn't

  • I went last year, It was more of a dog and pony show, designed to get you excited, I did get to make contact with any viable

    asset manages, and it did not add to my bottom line at all. I think Taking the 5 star course online is a better deal, they do have some good courses.  Last years trip cost me $3000. that is a lot of money to me.

    as always your mileage may vary.

  •, for all those who attended....any feedback?

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      I went and of course I was a first timer, but I found it helpful especially relating to networking, educational as I took some certification courses and met with some corporate sellers.  I believe Five Star did everything they could to provide it as a business opportunity.  The Expo was worthwhile in that we had opportunity to sign up with some vendors and also found out what is going on in the business from a lending perspective and there was discussion relating to the flow of REO.  Overall, it was money well spent and I would do it again.

  • any feedback from those who went?

  • I vowed not to go or participate again, after they falsely advertised Short Sale Specialist Network as a sponsor last year, and have REALLY screwed me over multiple times as an exhibitor.  That being said, my assistant is there right now...

  • Who's here right now and are you meeting somewhere?

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