Five Star Conference 2018 & FORCE

Going to my first Five Star Conference this September. Do you think its worth becoming a member of FORCE (The Federation of REO Certified Experts)? I see they have a few extra events for FORCE members. Any idea how much it costs to become a member?

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  • What is the FORCE promising for how much?  Five Star turned me off with the idea of a separate elitist group. 

    • I found out on an REO Facebook group that said they charge $1500. They promise education and say they have partnerships that could lead to REO, short sale, deed in lieu listings, and BPO work. After some research, heard they mainly get business from a CA based Hedge fund and several members said they quit after not getting any listings out of the membership. Maybe its area specific. 

      • Which fb group?

        • REO Masterminds

          • Thanks.  I already went looking and found that group.  I hope  it's more active than here.

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