Let's not let this month go by without sharing some Black History this entire month and moving forward...


So today is the 12th, so we are 12 days behind.  One a day here is 12 Black History contributors:


1.  Thomas J.Martin "Patented the Fire Extinguisher" March 26, 1872

2.  W.S. Grant "Curtain Rod Support" 1896

3.  T. Elkins "Toilet" 1897

4.  R.A. Butler "Train alarm" Patent #157,370 June 15, 1897

5.  Manley West "Discovered compound in canibis to cure glaucoma" 1980-1987

6.  Thomas W. Stewart "Mop" 1893

7.  William Barry "Postmarking and Canceling machine"

8.  Lydia O. Newman "Hair brush"

9.  Sarah Boone "Ironing Board" April 26, 1892

10. W.B. Purvis "The Fountain Pen" Patent# 419,065 Jan 7,1890

11.  O.B. Clare "Rail Tresle" Patent# 390,753 October 9, 1888

12. M.C. Harney "Lantern/Lamp" Aug.19, 1884


Feel free to add to the list.  Thanks for sharing!

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