• yes I have worked for them for years. You will get at least some BPOs and REO assignments a year from them. They are ok to work for and it depends on what asset manager you deal with how difficult it will be. They are slow, however like everyone else. They are better than many of the other companies I deal with. 

    • I'm on my 3rd asset manager for my 3 assignments.  All 3 listed now.  First one worth maybe $65k. Listed at $77k.  2nd one listed at $24k worth $18k and it's still not sales cleaned.  They left a nasty fridge.  Different contractor did the winterization and left poo in the toilet.  Third one at $34k may be priced ok IF the plumbing and furnace work..... 

  • I haven't paid anything but I have 3 premarket Keybank listing assignments that are taking an awfully long time to get to market. I'm starting to feel used. One has been titled since August and I've been doing occupancy checks since July. The occupant has been issued move out orders and has told me several times he was moving. He says the sheriff gave him 6 weeks now. The asset manager has no info. 

    On top of that, I won't be permitted to sell the properties myself and there's no minimum commission.  I think the percentage is 5% or less and this particular property is worth less than $20k.  The other 2 properties have been vacant with personal property for 5-6 months and I was only recently given the task to place the legal notices on the houses. Worth $35-45k. 

    I don't know if it's just Keybank property but I'm not happy.  I haven't had any BPOs from them.

    • Keybank is horrible to deal with, so is Citizens, which are the two banks that FAS deals with. The attorney for Citizens Bank is very very difficult to deal with. 

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