**FANNIE MAE RFx Proposal**

Hi Everyone


I just joined this website and this is my first post.  Is there any FNMA direct listing agents out there? I applied about 10 months ago and I just received my RFx proposal. When I click on the link there is a set of questions that need to be completed mostly regarding my/office experience handling REOs.  We just recently started listing REOs so not much experience there.  Do they pay close attention to experience w/REO's and if they do.  Do they request paperwork of your closings? I do have about 20yrs of experience in the real estate industry and property management. How long after that do they take for the phone interview and what do they ask? how long is the business review?


I wouln't want to miss this opportunity. Can anyone share their insight?



Eda De Leon

Florida Relocation R.E.

Orlando area broker

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  • Did you get an account? I just received the same email and curious as to how long it take?

    • I also got the Rfx email. It looks like so did many others, all across the country.   Are they adding agents?  They must be. Does anyone who is now a direct fnma agent remember getting this Rfx email and filling it out?
      • We are direct and we got the same email last week.. Fannie typically adds agents when their current ones aren't getting the job done. It's all about ratings.. We just became direct a few months ago and their process is alot more in depth then the traditional REO's..Good luck to you all.

        • Do you think all direct brokers got the email?
          • I called them after getting it because I was concerned since we just recently got approved. All direct brokers should have gotten that email. They're just doing a review.

            • Did you fill it out and submit it?

              • If your referring to me, then yes I filled it out and submitted it. I didn't want to take any chances since it was so tough getting in.


                • Thanks George.  It seems to me that I read on the instructions for filling out the app that, if you are a current direct Broker and you don't submit the app, you will be fired.  Did you see that?

          • I got the email I had to have everything in by 12-16 they said 6-8 weeks after is when I would get a answer.

        • George- Do you remember getting the email and what was the time frame afterwards?  Also does the number after the state mean anything? Soem have CA 1 CA 2, etc? Does anyone know.

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