Fannie Mae, HUD

I'm an independent broker with no agents who works out of a home office.  I want to apply to become a Fannie Mae listing agent and a HUD listing agent.  Has anyone had any luck or know someone that's been approved with a home office and no agents?  I have REO experience and all of the resources needed to handle the listings.

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  • I've been to their site and see all the requirements. I was hoping to find out some of the things to be sure I have. Things like be ready to show that you have at least $500,000 in revenue in the past year or you have to have agents working under you or you will have to show your employees have been employed by you for at least 1 year or the employees must make at least $20,000 per year. Things like that.
  • I believe Fannie Mae requires you have at least 2 (or maybe 3) W-2 employees as one of the criteria.  Have you gone to their website and checked out the application?

  • Anybody have any helpful tips?

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