Fannie Mae Application

We received the application into Fannie Mae.  They ask what the 3 most important things are in dealing with REO proprties.  My answers were:   1.  Procurring a sale.  2.  Accurate timely communications.  3.  Value preservation and security. 


Am I close on these.  I would consider all three of equal importance.  Does anyone know if this is close to what they are looking for

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  • Al good day to you Sir I said the same thing. did you get in with Fannie Mae Direct? I did not get in at least so far. It would be good to hear of someone that did get in... Merry Christmas to you

    • Hi Laura,


      I have not. They told me 6-8 weeks. I submitted about a week and a half ago.

      • Derrick good day to you Sir My application was due back in September I do believe the 13th Are you a member of linkedin? There is a discussion on there TopREO Agents several have heard back not accepted at this time. I have not heard of anyone being accepted yet have you? Join me on LInkedin please networking is important to do and we can sure learn alot of great items to help us as agents and or brokers.

        • Hi Laura,


          Ok will look into setting up account. I have not heard of anybody being accepted yet either and this is the first that I have heard of people NOT being accepted. I would be curious to know if anybody has any idea why they were not accepted.

          • Derrick good day to you Sir they have not said that and most likely will not do so. i am wondering if they accepted anyone at all it appears as if they did not. I do not know about the rest of you but when I am accepted I am going to shout for joy and get on here and say HEY GUESS WHAT I WAS ACCEPTED YAHOOOOOOOO  and maybe you could hear me way up north lol or way down south lol or just about anywhere.

             Has anyone heard of anyone at all being accepted with this last round of applications????

            • Good day to you too Laura, let us know and we'll all celebrate with you!!

              • Yes Sir I will because I know that I am going to be accepted Positive attitude and the drive to succeed Think Big or Be left Behind. And guess what I am not going to be left behind. Nope not me

                Education is the first step to sucess and then action is needed to suceed. Step up to the plate and hit that home run.... Ready Set through the ball and here it comes swing its a home run Merry Christmas to each of you

        • Well I am going to stay positive. I might be one of the lucky ones.

          • Charlenia yes please do stay positive. We will get in the door soon. What area of the country are you in? I am in North Texas just north of Dallas and Fort Worth. We may still get called if those chosen do not fit all of the aspects they are looking for. When was your application due?

  • I received the application and I answered:


    1) Accurate values: If you don't get the value right not much else will go right. It either won't sell if you are too high or you are costing your client money priced too low.


    2) Promptness: Task completion, getting back to AMs, prospects, other agents as fast as possible ultimately leads to shorter pre-list, listing DOM, and closing times.


    3)Dilligence: If tasks and contract packages are consistently sent back it creates duress for everyone.


    Don't know if that is what they are looking for, if Fannie tells me to kick rocks and never come back I'll let you all know and you will at least know what NOT to say!!

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