Fannie Mae

I spoke with a rep at Fannie Mae and I was told that they are in the process of re-evaulating Listing Agents and its process.   They are currently doing a 'waive' program. Currently they are approaching waive 2.  I'm in waive 3.     Has anyone heard anything about this at all?     I can't seem to find details online.    


Looking forward to your response.



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  • Yes getting in with Fannie is like getting in the "circle" of the goodfellas.....It took me 2 months just to get my login for AMN!

  • No good luck I have been trying for years to become a fannie direct broker.  All I ever get is if we need anyone in your area we will call.  I am so use to reos after last 15 years I need some encourgment to get back into normal sales. 
    • If it makes you feel any better, we just got our first Fannie direct listing last week. It took ten months from initial application to first assignment.
  • I have been listing Fannie properties since last fall, and I have never heard of the wave process, I will ask my asset managers about this, I know I am one of the new listing agents in my area.
    • Are you Fannie direct or through outsourcers?
      • Both
        • We just got in direct and want to parlay that into some new outsourcer accounts. Any advice for doing this?
  • How do I find out where I stand in to get assignments. I have been approved...


    • Have you been approved through the wave process or another way?

      • I do not know. How do I fin out. I got my username and password in the fannie mae site NOT AMN
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