Everyone is going to a Fee based program

I'm getting pretty sick of these asset management companies asking for a fee to register.  I'd be more than happy to do 6 BPO's at no charge to pay the fee, or take it out of my first commission. 

I'm basically taking a policy of No more fees, and if you want me, you have to pay.

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  • There are a lot of companies that require a fee, this is the key, if they solicit you to join and promise a lot, most likely they are a scam. If you have to find them and they require a designation or a test etc. then most likely they are legit. I have have paid two companies in the past, one was a scam, they called me several times and there are several treads about them in this forum. The other one I was the one who made the initial contact, and in 2 months I have 2 listings and several bpos.
  • Glad to see agents are finally catching on. If more of us take a stand maybe we can turn that leeching practice of theirs around.
  • I'm with ya on this. I'm not paying any fees until they can show me they have business in my area. I have no problems paying referral fees or taking their fees out of closings, but to pay someone up-front for the "hope" of getting business is not in my business plan.
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