• Don't waste your time.  It took me 6 months and a letter to their corporate office to finally get paid.  They send me 25 BPO's today and they wanted them all done in less than 24 hours. 
  • We have stopped accepting orders from them due to none payment... Also known as Evil on Line!!!!!
    • I actually have had no problem getting paid since I got the correct emails for payment.  


      Here is who I email to get paid


      • They seem like nice folks down there, however getting paid is like the blood and turnip. I have all the email addresses and phone numbers. Finally had to revert to calling an atty friend in Jville and BBB. Got paid last of November for August orders. They want 24 hr and less turnaround for $45. The rest of the companies I do them for is $45-$65 for 48-72 hrs and they pay every 30 days.
  • Jacksonville is my neck of the woods, so if you need me to call Guido the leg breaker with anybody just give the word... lol
    • I will do that - haha
  • They just called this morning for a BPO. Told them I have to be paid for past BPO's first. Fella said he will turn it over to accounting to see where payment is and get back to me.
    • they told me that as well - actually several times. it took an email to,, with a threat to send them to the BBB. they told me last week that the check is in the mail. I will post if and when I get the check
      • I got paid yesterday - yea!!! the only problem they didn't put my full name down, i am heading to the bank to cash it.
  • I no longer do BPO's for them. The last time I did, it took 6+ months to get paid and I had to call. There are plenty of great companies that pay fast. Dont waste your precious time.
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