• They owed me a bunch of money.  After months of attempting to contact by phone and email, with no success, I drew up a letter of demand payment letter stating that if I did not receive payment within 2 weeks I was filing for a lawsuit.  I then sent that to every representative's email I had from that company who had ever sent me orders and also mailed a certified copy to their office.  They overnighted me a full check within 4 days.  They WILL NOT pay unless you threaten some type of suit.  I would advise everyone to stay away from this company.  I'm not even sure how they stay in business.  Hope this helps.

  • Hey...I have an idea for Evaluation Solutions.....We should all start "accepting" any orders that they assign us, don't bother doing them of course then in 2 or 3 days Eval will start contacting us saying you are "late" at which point we can say "we are working on it" and eventually after another few days they will have to reassign the order, be late with their client and have to explain to them why the orders are not on time.....Wow, this is making me smile......They will then have a taste of what we deal with.....

    • That just made me smile.

  • Long time I have stopped working for them... They sometimes are calling for help... Their BPO are not easy to be completed but it is more work to be paid...keep calling. On the same taken, the BPO things is getting absurde...more work, lower pay, no reward, no consideration.

  • You have to keep hounding them and you do get paid. Not worth the time and effort. They state it takes 45 - 60 days before they will look into your account. It seem like their business practices have cought up with them as I have not received calls requesting work.

  • Hi Scott,

       I had completed about 5 BPO's for this and it took me a heck of long time (over a year) to get paid.  I quit accepting assignments but the kept calling and emailing for assignments.  Sometimes I would answer and tell them "no" because I have never, ever been paid and sometimes I ignored their calls.  One day, someone must have listened to me because I got the check in the mail.  I still choose not to accept work because truthfully their platform was difficult, their fee is low, their turnaround time was short and they took too long to pay.

  • I have been doing BPO's for Eval for about 2-years.  They like quick turnaround on reports, but pay very slow!!!   I bill them about every 6 weeks and use a couple of the email addresses mentioned.  They appear to be perhaps overstaffed compared to say Protek and this may be why they pay so slow.  Long story short, they have always eventually paid and I have about $2K on my books dating back to 9/3.
  • Hey Scott.

    As was mentioned below by Ana Phillips, I may have found a solution to getting paid for BPO's that you've completed for Evaluation Solutions!

    Send an email to EVERYONE on this list...


    Melissa Rivers ACCOUNTS PAYABLE          904-288-2004x 144

    Lorie Carter ACCOUNTS PAYABLE           no number available

    Bryan Guckavan CEO                    904-288-2004x 101

    Jamien Derrence VP                         904 288-2004x 011

    Jamie Jones OPS MANAGER       904-288-2004x 167 


    These email addresses DO work!  Email EVERYONE on this list, and you'll get a response...QUICKLY!

    NOTE: Make sure you include the BPO Order #, the property address, the date of completion and the fee amount.

    I had about $985 of outstanding BPO payments due dating back about 14 months, and I sent this on Thursday of last week and Melissa Rivers got back to me on Friday morning, stating that the check would be sent out in 5 days.

    Haven't got it yet, but it's only been 3 days.  I'll let you know IF I get paid!

    Thanks, and good luck!

    Jim Mitchell

    Century 21 All Star, REALTORS

  • Scott,
    If I could give ANY piece of advice to an agent getting acquainted with the world of BPO's, it would be to run far, far away from Eval and don't look back!  Yes, the desperate sounding emails begging for rush orders are enticing, but after my first 20+ BPO's came and went, and 6 months passed, and several phone calls were put in, and then ANOTHER 6 months passed,(with yet another 10 calls put in), I knew I had to play hardball.  I went on my State's website and filled out a Contractor's Lein for each address that I did a BPO on (no, I didn't actually go down and file any of was just for a scare tactic), and I attached them all to one email that simply stated:  "Dear Mr. Guckavan,  Please let this be your final warning after 13 months of waiting, and over 15 phone calls put into your office with NO returned call: if I do not get my payment within 7 days, I will have no choice but to go to my county building and file these 22 mechanic leins on each home that I completed a BPO for. Thank you for your time."

    And guess what? That e-mail was on a Tuesday evening, and I received an over-night FedEx on the following Thursday morning with a check for each individual BPO....and what's even better, I even got 3 checks that I was not expecting, because 3 prior BPO's came back around, say, 6am with errors that needed fixing, and they told me that I had ONE HOUR to fix my errors.  Well, I was either sleeping or driving to the office during their pitiful one-hour time limit they gave me, so I thought those ones were down the drain...but nope, I got paid for those too :)

    I'm not telling you to do this, some people may think it's ridiculous....but, like I said, I wouldn't direct my worst enemy to this literally have to go through hell and back to get your money.  Work for them at your own risk.....


  • It took me about 8 months to get paid by them, and I have to threaten them with an attorney and anything else I could think of to get my money. I would not do business with them.
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