• Did anyone sign up with this company?  How is it going?  Should I try to get setup with them??  Feedback?

  • I received this info and so did my business partner yesterday.

    " I found your information on REO Network and I was contacting you because we are starting to take on BPO work in Georgia.  We are trying to get some agents set up beforehand, and I wanted to see if you would be interested in working with us"?

    I emailed back to see what they pay and the reply was $50 Exterior and $75 Interior.  They did state that those fees aren't set and they are willing to work with you on your fees. Not as bad as some. I am not as busy now as in the past.  I think I will wait to see how they pay 1st.  They say they compensate vendors within 45 days of receipt of the BPO.

  • I did get the invite also.  I am concerned that they did not adapt their application to BPOs.  It asks how many APPRAISALS your COMPANY can do per day.  I have emailed my concern that I will have to answer zero, can't speak for my entire company, and why would I have to pay to upload anything? 

  • I received same offer from EStreet. I won't sign up. The EStreet maybe a clue. Eval Sol. I could be wrong but at this point I have all BPO's I can handle from those that DO pay. 

    • I did a whois lookup of their website address.  The registrant organization is New Penn Financial. 

      • is New Penn Financial a bad thing?

        • New Penn Financial is a mortgage lender with locations across the country. I worked with one of their mortgage consultants several years ago on a sale. It was smooth transaction. I didn't complete the application since I don't see REO opportunities in it.  However, it seems legitimate to me. If your interested in doing BPOs, I'd do a few to see what happens.  See 

          • thanks Crystal

  • Judi...I do work with many asset companies and never heard of this one.  I googled and nothing specific came up.  Did they

             contact or "invite" you ?

    • I didn't find anything either, no matter where I agent in the office had received an application packet from them, without asking for it.....she asked me would I try to find out something if I could....she thinks it came by way of Reo Network? where she has heard from several BPO companies both good and bad.....doesn't sound right to me....

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