Does anyone have real information on how exactly an agent shows up when an asset mgr searches by zip code. If he/she searches zip codes that we do not pay for, then we simply do not show up at all? I know Equator is necessary to join, yet I've been reading older comments that seem to point towards extra zip codes just being another way to nickle and dime us. 

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  • From a conversation with an asset manager--yes they won't see you if seaching in a zip code, but if they know you they can find you regardless of zip code.  

    If you are a preferred agent for a bank, then they won't care if you pay for zip codes.


    • Rick's got it spot-on.  My A/M's will find me in EQ or Res.Net because they search for me; regardless of my advertising, or lack thereof. 

  • Here's what I can say, from personal experiences...... I used to pay for zip codes, and never received the first listing.  Then, I met a great asset manager, which I developed that relationship diligently, which has turned into my handling of over 75 REO Assets for them & other Asset Management Groups in which they have referred me to.  I closed about 30 deals in 2009 for them, over 60 in 2010, and completed over 85 in 2011... Now I am carrying an average asset inventory of about 70-80 properties at any given time.  And did I mention that during all this I cancelled ALL my zip code coverages?  That's right, I don't pay a red-cent for zip code coverage fees any longer. 


    I do have a fully certified AMP profile on Res.Net, though, and have received assignments from "lurking" Asset Managers based upon my profile/performance through their 200 zip codes allowance in the AMP profiles.

    • Joshua,

      If you don't mind me asking but how did you meet this great asset manager? 


      • Initially, just by completing a BPO for her.  Then I flew out to there office for a meet & greet, after having performed business for them with success & starting to create a strong relationship.  I met the entire team, they all appreciated my visit, and it's continued to grow ever since.

  • I did contact Equator last week to ask the question directly - Are you basically invisible to a corperate client when they do a zip search if you haven't paid for that zip? The answer was "that is correct." This person did offer the advice of not paying for zip codes past a 20 mi radius of your office zip as policy of most clients dosn't allow them to select that far out anyway.  

    • I have been paying for the last 3 years and have only received requests that are filled before I can log on and accept. I am going to cancel as it has been a complete waste of money, along with the Silver Certification for Equator, which also got me nothing. I think is the way to go not Equator, at least for my area in Florida.

      • Hi Carla, for what it's worth, I have several assignments in the SRQ area(s) from Equator as we speak.  :-)

  • I have paid for ZIP code coverage on equator for about 3 years - nothing yet.

  • I have been paying for zip codes with Equator for the last 2  years and have not gotten any listing from it. 

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