• How about - have any listings come from this place?  What is a good place to pay for listings and get them?  I'm trying this method.  A neighbor who promised me a first shot at listing his place when it came time, I had left several messages and two days later, a sign went up on the post with another agency.  It went under contract in 2 days.  Pretty bummed out over that since I've lived in this location for 32 years, and when he had his place rented, I watched it for him, called him if any thing happening was weird including 3 robberies while it was rented.  Last year I gave him some comps and he seemed ok with letting me list it, but didn't have the courtesy to even call me when I left the two messages last week.  That's the joys of real estate and after 32 years you'd think I'd have tough skin, but I don't so I'm looking elsewhere for some good listings.  Can any of you suggest what is worth paying into?  Thanks for your help.  I'm in Willard, MO, a suburb of Springfield, MO.  

  • Dont waste your money!! I paid a fortune for all the highest certifications for Equator and did not get one single BPO much less any listings!!

  • I have one transaction with Equator. It's convenience to communicate with lender, negotiator, I like it. But one thing i don't like was the listing I post on EQ is only last for 30 days. and the short sale always last about 6 months, a year or longer than that. It was kind of bore to be undate the list so often. I've been doing update once every month to bring the listing to available status. otherwise, the staus show unavailable, and dissapeared. Hate it. There was no lead at all from EQ. 

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