Drive-by inspections

Hello All, 

I have been working with a company called Groundwork recently and they assign driveby inspections - you take a photo of the front, mailbox, street view and answer some questions and the assignment is done. No BPO, no comps, etc. Anyone know of any other companies that do this? I have been searching online but I am coming up empty on searching property inspections, etc. 

Thanks in advance. 

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  • I have done some inspections with comply traq
  • All who have asked - I am asking groundwork what other areas they cover and will let you all know as soon as I hear back. Thanks

  • How do you sign up with groundwork.

  • Hi Melissa,

    please provide their sign up information.  I would like to see if they have any work here in Houston Texas.  Thanks!

  • There is a division of First American that does these for credit unions. 3 photos, about 3 minute simple form fill, for 30 bucks. Im trying to find them I know someone doing them but he wont tell, lol

    • Vectra was bought by a larger company

      • National Real Estate Solutions bought them

  • and do NOT pay, or, if they do, they tell you they are 90 day turn around.  You will spend more time chasing your money than actually doing work.

    • they are under at least 1 fed lawsuit  - have all attorney info for that - they are trying for class action

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