DRE Doesn't Practice What They Preach

I passed my brokers exam yesterday!  I was so excited and happy.  I immediatly called the DRE to get the official upgrade.  I was informed that it takes about 1 month for them to process it after they receive the application and payment.  My salesperson license expires March 6, 2012!  I asked if they would expedite the service considering the situation?  They do not even consider such a thing!  Now I have to pay for the continuing education course and salesperson renewal fees!  I found a very afordable online course and everything still totals $309!  That is for a 4 year license that I will only use for 1 month!  Then I also need to pay for the brokers license of $300!  That is not counting the exam fee and course fee!  I can't believe the DRE is so ridgid.  All the study material to become a broker or agent preaches honesty and basically doing the right thing.  The DRE does not care and will do nothing for a good honest agent. I did nothing wrong.  I passed my brokers exam before my salesperson expired.  Give a guy a break.  I have been in business many years and would never treat my clients this way...I would not treat anybody this way...I adhere to strict morals, values and standards reguardless of how many licenses or affiliations I  am required to purchase.  All they need to do is extend my salesperson license for a month or process my brokers license faster.  It goes against everything they preach and claim to stand for!

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  • I know what you mean.  I have found that every level of RE agencies forget their reason for existence--to support the Realtors who pay their salaries.

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