Does Nationstar give listings direct?

I have wondered for some time now - and filled out their application online. see a lot of listings that reference that you need to be approved with Nationstar mortgage in the agent remarks. Someone told me they outsource to PMH Financial.I signed up with PMH as well.Any of you guys getting litingsfrom Nationstar? Do they send them direct or is it through another AM company?Your input is appreciated.

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    • Hi Larry, I was wondering if I could get some info as well. I am in. NJ.

    • Larry,

      I would be interested in getting more information.

      thanks and happy new year!
    • Larry, thanks for the good information.
    • Hi Lori,
      First American? I haven't heard back from them since last year. I got one listing and that was it. So Nationstar outsources to First American? I did not know that.
      I called first american a few times but i guess they outourced vedor relations to India. They just told me no inventory in my area..

      oh well - i heard PMH Financial is another, but have not recieved anyfrom them to confirm that.

      thanks & happy new year!!
  • I had a directly assigned listing from Nationstar last year and it went great. I had done a BPO for them in January and at that time they promised me a listing. I got the listing in October.
  • I had one direct listing early last year. It was a challenge.
  • This is great info to know.

  • Nationstar did merge with Champion Mortgage. Some of listings assigned thru Nationstar are thru Champion mortgage reps. I receive my listings thru both. Great company to work with. Many of reps were at various get togethers at recent Five Star conference.
    • I just heard from nationstar rep. They no longer outsource to PMH and they send 1st American 100 files a month max.
  • Yes they do through NationsREO
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