NICOR has trashed my personal credit. They pull my credit every time I put the gas at a house in my name. 80 or so pulls a year will drop your scores considerably.


I would like to set up an utility LLC to take care of the utilities.


Has anyone here done this and how would I start?





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  • You do not have to pay all that for an LLC you can log on to and get a free EIN (Employee Identification Number) for free.  This will tie to your personal SS# and you never again have to give out your private SS#.  LLC is fine if you already have one but this is a great alternative and it is free.
  • If you are NOT using a Corporation for your business, you are putting you, your family and everything you own at great risk. There is great liability in the business marketplace now-a-days, people are just looking for a reason to sue someone. Protect yourself!
  • I register and pay all utilities thru my cooporation


  • I have an llc for all REO business, that includes bpos, utilities, commissions, payroll, preservation companies, platforms(resnet and equator), software for reo and bpos, certification classes, conference expenses, etc.
    • Hi Jose,


      I'm located in Northern Calif. Who did you work with to set up your LLC?


      Shawn Maxwell

      • You can get the forms online or pay a lawyer, check the laws in your state. Then once you have the llc register with the IRS to get a tax number. You can open a bank account with your llc, have your broker pay your llc, etc. 


  • I use my corporation, the state allows for the utilities to be on the corporations name. That way its not your credit and with a corp you can have as many utilities on a given time without a deposit. You should be incorporated to remove yourself from some liability also.
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