Direct link to REO and BPO companies.

Attached is list of Direct Links to 175 BPO, REO and Asset Management Companies. Some of them may have changed or are no longer in the business. So good luck and wish you much success.Enjoy and share. If you have any experience with any please share it and add comments.Chuck Bukhari


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    • Thanks Eddie. Glad there are others like you that are willing to share data and info. Have a great Halloween.
  • Hello Chuck,
    Thank you for sharing your REO's connections, it is very hard to find Realtors or anyone now days ,that are willing to help. I have been trying to get listings, I have done some co listings, but as you know , unless you have someone to introduce you to these asset managers, they will not accept new vendors.
    Anyhow, thank you again, and if you ever need anything in the So cal area, please feel free to call or email.
    Home this comment will not sound like an advertisement or, it seems I am getting myself in trouble in every post or comments.
    Good Day.
    • Thanks Cesar.
      No worries. On the other hand I will be at the NAR Expo in San Diego in November. hope to run into you if you are there.
  • Thank you Chuck! So much of our business is dog eat dog. It's not too often you have someone willing to offer a hand to even stay afloat, never mind attempt to get ahead! Providing this list was a wonderful thing you did! I'm going to share it with a coworker as well.
    • Best of luck and much success to you.
  • Chuck, very generous thanks, wish I had found this 18 months ago, would've saved me hours & hours.
    • I know what you mean :)
  • Jose,

    As I mentioned to Grace, stay in touch with them and evantually things will change. Also having one zip code is much better than none for other. Good luck and much success.
  • Hi Grace,

    Don't give up. Eventhough they are using thier favorites, if you keep on following up and they see how persistant you are they will evantually would need someone in your area that is ready to help moving thier inventory. Best of luck and much success.
  • Hi Chuck - What a great thing you did here. Even though I have applied to most of them, there were a couple of other ones that I hadn't worked with yet. When I first started this business (seems like a lifetime ago) I was aghast that people wanted me to share my contacts with them. I have found over the years, that sharing them is the best way to keep them out of the business. LOL!! They thought I was just automatically getting these BPO's and listings. I share these links with them, they ask "Wwhat am I supposed to do with this?", and I tell them they "Nneed to go to the website and sign up to get started." I usually don't hear from them again and those that I do have proved to be valuable team members.
    Thanks for your professionalism and knowledge in this business. There is definately enough for everyone these days!
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